Personal Law

A high quality personal service

Girlings Europe has extensive experience of providing advice for individuals.  We help our clients resolve the challenges of any cultural or linguistic problems they might face when dealing with a foreign legal system.

Our associate law firms in Belgium, France and the UK have a close day to day working relationship and our clients can be assured of a high quality personal service delivered by trusted lawyers with good local knowledge and connections.  

Whether you are buying or selling property in Belgium, France or the UK , or need help in resolving a property related dispute or advice on inheritance law, property gifts and transfers, Girlings Europe can help. Our lawyers can clearly explain the legal issues to you and take legal instruction.

Wills & Inheritance

Having overseas property, investments or business interests creates an added layer of complication to estate planning. Many people are unaware of recent changes to the law that can affect them even though they have already made a Will; post Brexit there may also be additional challenges and the need for expert legal advice.

 Contract Interpretation & Enforcement

Girlings Europe can help with contract interpretation and enforcement of judgments across jurisdictions.

 Buying & Selling Property

Girlings Europe’s property experts can advise on the legal and tax consequences of purchasing and selling properties. This includes structuring the ownership, cross border estates planning and property transfers on divorce.

 Dispute Resolution & Enforcement of Judgements

Cross border disputes can present a range of demanding and complex issues.  Girlings Europe can help you resolve disputes which involve individuals or organisations based in different countries.

If you have a judgment against a French, Belgian or UK debtor, which was obtained in a court located within that jurisdiction, our team can also help with enforcement of this judgement.

 Criminal Law

If you are faced with a criminal complaint or victimised as a result of a criminal offence,  Girlings Europe can offer expert support, advice and negotiate on your behalf.