About Us

European legal services

Girlings Europe is an alliance of well-respected law firms based in Belgium, France and the UK.  It has European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) status and as such is a legal entity formed specifically to offer European businesses and individuals cross-border legal expertise.

Girlings Europe – Belgium: Crivits & Persyn

Girlings Europe – France: Barron Brun Duwat Ritaine

Girlings Europe – UK: Girlings Solicitors

Together we provide high quality legal advice underpinned by sound local knowledge to assist companies and businesses in Belgium, France and the UK. Many law firms claim to have European assistance. At Girlings Europe we have a close, day to day relationship working with our colleagues in Belgium, France and the UK.  This means that we can offer high quality legal advice across jurisdictions through an independent alliance of trusted local lawyers.

Cross-border legal expertise

Because Girlings Europe does not have to staff satellite offices our services are highly cost effective. We handle matters for European companies and individuals who are looking to invest, expand relocate or buy real estate in Belgium, France or the UK.  We can help you navigate the often challenging cultural differences and language barriers that exist across legal jurisdictions.

Whether you're thinking about launching, developing or expanding a business, relocating a company or purchasing property, or have some other legal matter, Girlings Europe will ensure that you are fully informed and that your interests are well protected.

Our successful alliance of an experienced legal team in Belgium, France and the UK, all experts in their field, means you can make your plans in complete confidence.